You do know that freshman in high school can join a "leadership training" class taught by ex-military men.         They learn how to shoot rifles and twirl them like batons. 
       When I was young, we didn't get that kind of choice until college (ROTC). 
        Now, they gotta train 'em young (Jr.ROTC) as there no longer is a draft.  Better to indoctrinate them when the are most vulnerable.



Pass and enforce legislation requiring a background check, requiring a waiting period, before completing a purchase of any weapon. Severe penalties for any seller who does not follow the required background check and waiting period for their buyers.

Pass legislation that will eliminate the sale of  all weapons classified as "assault". 

Pass legislation that parents of children under legal age living at home are equally responsible if their child uses a weaapon and harms anyone with it. (There can be a more specific delineation of parental responsibility in this law.)


"Right-wing resistance to meaningful gun control   is driven, in part, by a false notion that America’s Founders adopted the Second Amendment because they wanted an armed population that could battle the U.S. Government. The opposite is the truth,
but many Americans seem to have embraced this absurd, anti-historical narrative....

" would be counterintuitive  -  as well as anti-historical – to believe that Madison and Washington wanted to arm the population so the discontented could resist the constitutionally elected government. In reality, the Framers wanted to arm the people – at least the white males – so uprisings, whether economic clashes like Shays’ Rebellion, anti-tax protests like the Whiskey Rebellion, attacks by Native Americans or slave revolts, could be repulsed. - Robert Perry

READ the complete historical account @

I repeat LEARN ABOUT HISTORY.   The 2nd amendment was added because the constitutional government did not have a huge military so it needed citizens to form militias to protect it, not to fight against it.

The complete story is in a link above, if you want  to learn history from historians, not from the myths created by those who want to control us.

Please read the article which explains the historical meaning of the 2nd Amendment, not the perverted and delusional one promoted by the NRA for their benefactors, the arms manufacturers.




Most gun owners are not criminals

- for sure.  For example, people who are hunters and have received training on how to hunt responsibly deserve to be able to hunt.  I am not   a hunter; but I do understand that people have   the right to hunt animals during season, but not  the human animal for any reason.)

David Stockman (a member of Reagan's cabinet    in the 1980s) said "The 2nd amendment is a relic  of fronter America, 300 hundred years ago...guns need to be condemned."
And, Russell Simmons echoed the sentiment by saying,  "There is no need for guns or even hunting....The 2nd amendment needs amending."

The NRA lobby will not change, but the people can, by understanding the following fact:

When the 2nd Amendment was adopted, the country was mostly small and rural.  Guns were  "muskets' - single loaded pistols....  They could never have imagined the weapons of today - assault weapons, machine guns?  

And, for those who don't think at all, here is a question: 

Will owning a gun (along with thousands of others) help you to overthrow a government with which you disagree? 

You want change?   Get educated.  Educate others, and VOTE.  History proves, violence is never the answer.


Hunting is a sport guaranteed to us as a free and democratic nation.  

Like any rights, there are limits. 

ASSAULT WEAPONS have little or nothing to do with hunting or recreational gun use. They must be banned.  Extreme penalties on manufacturing and distributing and ownership of such weapons. 

HAND GUNS must also be restricted to practice ranges.   (No one ever killed a deer with a hand gun, right? At least it must be extremely rare.)    

All guns must be registered to their owners and there must be severe penalties for illegal gun possession. 

No minor should have access to guns and, if caught with them, not only they, but also their parents should be subject to fines and/or imprisonment.




– Banning all assault weapons and high-capacity magazines for everyone except the military.

– Requiring instant background checks on all gun purchases, including those at gun shows and online.

– Providing law enforcement full access to all state and local databases on felons and the mentally ill.

– Making illegal gun trafficking a felony.



This amendment was not intended to be "the right to bear arms" as the right of individuals to own weapons to protect themselves from other individuals, justified or not.  If anyone in the USA believes that the 2nd Amendment will help them fight against the US Government today or in  the future, they are delusional and dangerous. (They still think we live in the 18th century or the Wild,Wild West.)

When I was a teenager, fireworks were banned in the state of Maine.  Why?   People had injured themselves from their use.

Most people handled fireworks just fine, but a few were hurt.

To protect everyone, fireworks were banned.

What about guns? Of course, most owners never use a gun to harm anyone, but a few do....

In fact, there are 3,200 gun deaths every day in the USA.

That’s a heck of a lot more than all the fireworks injuries ever combined.

Why not ban guns?
The Second Amendment guaranteed citizens the right to form a militia and bear arms (a musket at that time) to protect the newly formed democratic government from being overthrown.
It’s the 21st century now. And time to forget about an amendment from the 19th century. However, we do not need to ban guns (or marijuana or other drugs).

Let’s register and control them.
Register? Universal background checks.
Control? You need a license to drive a car. So with firearms, pass a test on how to use them safely.
Gun safety? All guns checked into one easily accessible location where they must be signed out by their owners. No longer easily assessable in homes. We have lots of evidence that most gun deaths are either accidental, suicidal, or result from the heat of a person in anger. Mostly deaths of family members, friends, and children.

See the following research results from the CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control:
“What the research showed was not only did having a firearm in your  home not protect you, but it hugely increased the risk that someone in  your family would die from a firearm homicide. It increased the risk almost 300 percent, almost three times
as high.

It also showed that the risk that someone in your home would commit suicide went up. It went up five-fold if you had a gun in the home. These are huge, huge risks, and to just put that in perspective, we look at a risk that someone might get a heart attack or that they might get a certain  type of cancer, and if that risk might be 20 percent greater, that may be enough to ban a certain drug or a certain product. But in this case, we're talking about a risk not 20 percent, not 100 percent, not 200 percent, but almost 300 percent or 500 percent. These are huge, huge risks.…

We were finding that most homicides occur between people who know each other, people who are acquaintances or might be doing business together or might be living together. They're not stranger-on-stranger shootings. They're not mostly home intrusions.”