Appoint a non-partisan commission as detailed below. 

Provide federal funds to immediately increase teachers and teacher training throughout all 50 states. Class size in every school must not exceed good educational standards.

Allow no funds for private schools of any type - secular or religious. 

Allow no military personnel or military-style (called "leadership") classes in the public schools.  Recruitment must be the same as others when doing career planning seminars.




An independent non-partisan commission (with no political or religious axe to grind) must be established to determine the best ways to improve our educational system with three major criteria in mind: 

            1)    Protecting the first amendment principle of  "separation  of church and state."   (No funds to private/religious schools.)

            2)    Equal opportunity for all regardless of race, creed, color, social class or background.  (The rich already have private - prep schools - for their children.)          

            3)    Standardization of subject matter.   

(For example, "creationism" is not a replacement for scientific fact.   If it is included, then "anti-creationism" must be offered as counterbalance to this theory.)   

            4)    Recognizing we live in a global community, children  must also begin to learn a second language in grade school.


The Commission must be directed to study other countries superior test results and try to determine the reasons behind their outscoring USA students.   Factually, the USA is far behind other countries in  the education of  children.  (We like to think we are better but the facts prove otherwise.)   However, we must not forget that a good education is much more than test scores.   So called  "academic achievement" via " high test scores " is not the only criterion for education. We must also teach  "critical thinking" and be sure to protect the fundamental freedoms and opportunities for all children, not just for some.