FIRST STEP:   Require gas companies to prove that fracking is in no way harmful to the environment where it is taking place;
Require coal companies to prove that coal is "clean"
and will not be damaging to the environment.
Prohibit mountain-top removal, but allow the coal companies first bid to place wind turbines on those mountain-tops. 
Allow no oil drilling in the Artic Circle and absolute proof that any additional drilling anywhere is safe -   with fines levied far in excess of  clean up and other costs. (Penalties must be levied ro rhe extent that companies will not take chances with the envoronment  in which they function.)
Here is an idea that no one wants:
Ban all oil drilling and ban importing oil. 
When gasoline gets to $12.00 a gallon, maybe  Americans will wake up to the need for alternative sources of energy.
Comments from The Renewable Future
(May 15, 2011 - in
"...the opportunities to keep the global temperature rise this century to under two degrees Celsius, and to generate decent employment in clean-tech industries for millions of people – far outweigh the challenges. Clean and renewable energy will be an indispensable component of the fight against poverty worldwide."
EXAMPLE:  "Wind turbines outside Tocca DA Casauria, Italy, on May 1, 2010. The town produces 30 percent more energy than it uses, which allows it to sell green electricity and for residents to pay no local income taxes or fees for services like trash removal."
        - by Achim Steiner, Helen Clark and Kendeh K. Yumkella, Project Syndicate
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The natural gas industry is booming in the USA.. Controversy has arisen as to its effect on people's water supply. The documentary,GASLAND, produces powerful evidence that gas production via "fracking" is not safe. The industry says "not true".   Evidence has to be presented by the industry to directly confront the allegations.  Not yet happened with any satisfaction.  The EPA seems unwilling or incapable of investigation.      (TBA.)
Time to replace asphalt with solar power.  Create huge numbers of jobs and turn our highways into energy efficiency that will also create energy for homes and appliances as well.  See this link on what is possible:   

We must invest in more efficient factories and appliances, and expand the development of alternative energy sources  like wind, solar, and biofuels.  

The following specific recommendations are taken from Carville & Begala's book, Take It Back:

1)        Give companies tangible, bottom-line incentives to reduce their emissions;

2)        Require automakers to sell vehicles with lower greenhouse gas emissions  (already enacted by the California legislature).

3)        Raise the CAFÉ (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards by 5% per year;

4)        Close the loophole that holds SUVs to lower standards than cars.  

5)        Pass the New Apollo Energy Act (Rep. Jay Inslee of WA) which will provide federal loan guarantees for power plants for using alternative fuels, plus funds for research and tax credits for development for clean energy.

6)        Create a natural gas pipeline to bring natural gas reserves from the North Slope of Alaska to the lower 48 states.  No danger to wildlife there.  (Creating jobs and reducing imports from the Middle East.)

7)        Excess Profits Tax:  A 50% tax on the profits from oil.   Put that tax back into funding a more energy independent America. 

The creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs for Americans is a nice side benefit for creating a cleaner,  more energy independent environment.  Hunters and fishermen and all outdoorsmen and women can be assured they will have a future for their recreational needs.  "the Pentagon found that investing (a total of) $180 billion over the next 10 years to eliminate oil dependence could save $70 billion (each and) every year."


Time for the federal government to have another "cash for clunkers" program:
This time give those who buy an American-made electric car a subsidy equal to what it would cost them to buy a fossil fuel driven vehicle.
What a bonus to the auto manufacturers while providing more jobs.  (Require only union workers are hired and they will also receive bonuses from additional profits made by the corporation.  CEO salaries and bonuses must be limited to no more than 50 times the lowest paid employee's salary.)
                        A PETITION
Increasing the usage of electric cars as a replacement to gasoline driven vehicles.
Please read and sign:
This petition has been sent to The Florida State House, The Florida State Senate, Governor Rick Scott, The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate and President Barack Obama which says:
"In order to decrease America's reliance on oil,   be it resolved that the federal government immediately provide financial incentives:
1)  to automobile manufacturers in order to massively increase production of   100% all electric cars.
2)  to provide the public a "cash for oil burners" program to trade for electric cars,equivalent to 50% of what a comparable gasoline- based car would cost.
3)  to return 50% the net profits from the sale of electric cars to the federal government in order to reduce the cost of the program."
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PS:  You don't have to agree with every detail     of the petition to sign it.  This is an effort to stimulate the discussion and, hopefully, action    to benefit all of us.