quoted by Brave New Foundation


FIRST STEP:   The President as Commander-in-Chief and the Congress must minimize or, preferably, eliminate military aid to any and all countries. 
A portion of the funds saved can be allocated to American on-site development of self-sustaining agricutural and industrial projects as requested by foreign counties.
UN Peace Keeping programs  must also be supported with funds and personnel.
As mentioned elsewhere, the School of the Americas for training military personnel must not funded, and preferably, be closed entirely.  By this and other actions we must make it know to the governing bodies and the people of Latin countries that we are in the business of promoting peace and democracy, not guerrilla terrorism and war.
Begin an "open door" policy with Cuba, allowing American tourist visa permission to visit there.  
The foreign aid that must be cut is military aid.  There is no good reason for giving any country weapons or troops and maintaining military bases
in over 150 countries around the world. We need
to disband the American Empire and concentrate our efforts at home. 
Our foreign aid must be to help people all over
the world to maintain their peace and support themselves:
Everyone in America believes in Freedom.
So, let’s talk about freedom:
(a roof over your head).
(on your table).
(you’re not suffering).
IF you don’t have shelter, food and health, what good is freedom?
The psychologist, Abraham Maslow, was famous
for helping us understand the
Next time you wonder how you can protect your freedom, you must understand that your freedom
is dependent on the freedom of others.
(It’s called “The Golden Rule” – what all religions and even non-religions teach.)
Take away the food, shelter and health of others (through military or other forms of violence) and you will understand why,
as George Bush said, “they hate us for our freedom”.
We got ours and we have taken away what they need first in order to have theirs.
My point is simple, if you haven’t quite gotten it yet:
Stop the hatred of others (who are “different”) and start helping them to get their basic needs fulfilled. They will then love us and love the freedom we have helped them to be able to achieve.
There was a guy a couple of centuries ago who said, “Love Thy Enemies.”
His reasoning was simple: Enemies will become your friends, IF they know you wish to help them. Help must never come in the form of violence, but instead in the form of caring.  People know (and  can feel) the difference.

THE SHOCK DOCTRINE               

            Journalist Naomi Klein wrote a book in 2007 called The Shock Doctrine. The movie is based on the book (completed in 2009) and is  now available for free on YouTube!  The film begins with Naomi giving a lecture and  presenting actual scenes (proof) from the history of   the Shock Doctrine used by so-called "free market" ideologists, based on the work of Milton Freedman. 
The shock doctrine thesis is that whenever there   is a crises, governments can format changes to their liking, either through violence, or the ballet box, or both.
The film documents what has happened in the world.    After 41 years of democracy in Chile,  the government was overthrown by the military junta (empowered by the American CIA).  Graphic footage of this and its tragic aftermath.  That was just the beginning.   Step by step, the film shows how the "Chicago School" of Milton Freeman's ideology helped to destroy country a fter country,  leading up to the current realty we experience here in the USA today.  
Here is one example (out of many, many):  
how that ideology has resulted in the partial privatization of the American military.  In 1991 there was one non-military personnel out of 100 engaged in war. That gradually increased so that today there are 100 for every 100 in uniform.    The privately contracted military is subject to no rules or oversight.  (The infamous Blackwater Corporation in Iraq had command over the Marines there!) 
Another organization, The School of Americas, provides military training, and even torture tactics,  to men who will return to Latin countries to format revolution. 

            Not an easy film to watch, but perhaps    the most important in order to understand what has happened to   our country, and much of the world, and most importantly, why!   By understanding this, perhaps we can begin to make a change for the better.   

Today the Shock Doctrine is at play: 
there is a crises,   "the deficit - the country is  going broke!"          
We have seen a little response in the protests t   hat have taken place when Republican Governors have tried to eliminate unions.  The Ryan plan     to eliminate Medicare, as we know it, is another example. 
Perhaps this time around, we will not be so easily fooled.  Hmmmm..????
                 SOUTH OF THE BORDER                American foreign policy divides the world  into two camps: 1) Friends – those who will do what we want them to do; and  2) Enemies – those who tend to disagree with us.   Our CIA has been very busy over the years dealing with our “enemies”   in Latin America.
The documentary, South of the Border, follows   its producer, Oliver Stone, on a journey to interview leaders of several South American countries.   
The most notorious to Americans is Hugo Chevez of Venezuela who became infamous in the USA by calling Bush “satan”. Americans did not like that; they have no idea why Chevez would be justified in his pronouncement.  (It is not because he is a socialist!)  The film reviews the history of how Chevez came to power and why he is still President.
We also get to see how American television  shows its bias, not only against Chevez but also  all of the Latin leaders who are not following orders from Washington.  Interviews with the Presidents of Bolivia, Argentina,  Paraguay, Brazil, and Ecuador.  All countries that had been suffering under foreign control, now with their economies improving under indigenous leadership.   (The film provides details of each country’s struggle to break free of foreign oppression.)
     The times are a-changing.   American policy must also change: 
The CIA must be re-structured to stop interfering in other nation’s internal affairs.
We must stop using ideology as a basis for  foreign policy.  Instead, embrace and promote whatever will help the citizens of any country.     A simple example, Cuba:  Stop the hatred of Castro and start helping Cubans.
     We know that historically Latin countries   have been under the control of the wealthy land owners and corporations.  A few families in each country controlling  the wealth of those countries with the aid and assistance of foreigners who benefit financially.  The majority of people living in poverty with a very small middle-class,  and   no real voice in the political process.