A FIRST STEP is required to make progress: Take it!


    "The only way to break the vicious economic cycle is for policy makers, here and in Europe, to stop trying to suck up the big banks, and to force them to face the consequences of the mess they made. It was the big banks' speculative bubble making and their way too complicated financial instruments that drove the housing market and the economy in general over the cliff,
and that is what spiked government deficits as well.
        *    Bankers need to be forced to write down big shares of housing debt, student debt, credit card debt, and in the case of Europe national debt.
        *    The biggest banks need to be broken into smaller parts so that when they screw up they don't destroy the world economy, and so they are not Too Big To Fail.
        *    And bankers who committed fraud ought to go to jail.
        "It will be hard and sometimes painful for the politicians to do this, because these huge banks have a whole lot of power, but sooner or later it will have to happen if we don't want our country and Europe to become weak third world-like economies. 
    "Once we throw the big banks out of the catbird seat and seize control of our economy and our government again, we can turn
to what the USA should have doing a long time ago:
    *    investing in our industrial infrastructure and the job producing industries of the future,

    *    investing in our educational system and the R&D we need to keep innovating, and rebuilding our middle class. 
    "Let me close by turning from economics to values. For countries to be successful, they need to have both the right long term economic policies, focused on building and expanding the middle class, and the moral fiber to understand that power and money
are not all that matters.

    Part of the problem with Wall Street's power in
this country is that the cut throat dog-eat-dog values of Wall Street have infected way too much  of our society.

        "We need to not only take back our economic fate from Wall Street, we need to cleanse our values system of their culture as well.
        "Read this wonderful piece by Alexis Goldstein,   "Why I Had to Get Out: Confessions of a Wall Street Insider" on how corrupting the values of the Wall Street culture really are, and you'll understand why we need to disinfect our broader culture.      - Max Lux in Huff Post Politics  5/9/12        
Most politicians from top to bottom, right to left, are bought by "big money" - the powers who dictate what these "guys"- yes, mostly guys -must do to keep their jobs and, in some cases, keep their lives. (Only a few "fringe" leaders such as Bernie Sanders, Alan Grayson, and Dennis Kucinich are allowed to speak the truth, as their voices are drowned out by the others.) Those in control is called by different names. The old one begun by Eisenhower was the "military-industrial complex" - oh, if that were the only one. Today add the "Corporate" capitalists - Wall Street - Banker - Media complex."

PS: I just read a fantastic book,  We Can All Do Better, written by former NBA star, Olympic medal winner, and ex-US Sen. Bill Bradley. A must read for anyone interested in politics.