"This country was built on immigration.   If you close the door,     it changes the definition of who we are."

"Immigration is a value added infusion into this country..."

                                         -   Lawrence O'Donnell, MSNBC


        Undocumented workers and their families must be given work permits and a path to citizenship.
This is the American way.

        Never forget, we are a nation of immigrants.

FIRST STEP:  Pass the Dream Act.  Then, pass a "Comprehensive Reform" bill which provides a "green card" for all people who can provide documentation that they are currently employed through verification from their employer that they are needed for the job. (No one with a criminal record may apply.)
Immigration reform?
Any proposal that does not provide a quick, easy, and non-threatening pathway to citizenship is only a facade and undocumented workers will be about to see as just another government scam. (Most of them came from countries where  they don't trust their governments. It will be no less here for them unless the proposal is clear and simple without delays or threats.)
This country was built by and is successful because of immigrants. 
There is never a time when immigrants are not needed.  The current  unfair treatment of undocumented workers by corporations and the ICE must stop.  A  "path to citizenship" must be given NOW to all workers, regardless of their status. This is the humane way for us as a democratic nation.
We do not have "illegal" immigrants in this country. We have "undocumented workers".  If you do not know the difference, you need    to get an education on what is truly going on.  
For example:   Some undocumented workers are paid in cash but most have payroll deductions, like the rest of us.   
Being "illegal," they can never get back the social security, unemployment or income taxes that are deducted.  That's another reason why the government knows where 12 million undocumented workers live.
As the saying goes, always "follow the money".
We "legal" workers are benefiting from the taxes "illegal" people pay:    we get the benefits of their taxes, they don't.  Get it? 
Okay, they do get to send their children to our public schools which we pay for. (Their landlords pay property taxes and income taxes, so they   are , in fact, paying indirectly.) And, of course, they spent their earnings on food and clothing and stuff which we charge a tax or two on as well....benefits who?)
This country was built by and is successful because of immigrants.
There is never a time when immigrants are not needed.
The current unfair treatment of undocumented workers by corporations and the ICE must stop. A "path to citizenship" must be given NOW to all workers, regardless of their status. This is the humane way for us as a democratic nation.
Here is a letter from someone who knows the truth:
The truth is America, or more accurately, American  big business,
has created what is being perceived as this "immigration  problem".       The real reason immigration  laws are not enforced, is because the huge
volume of illegal aliens in this country are making millions for those
using them for labor. And I don't  mean the ones who are cleaning your house & cooking for you!  It's the literally millions of them working in factories, Taco Bell, tomato fields, etc. that is the reason little if anything   is being done about it.
This country may have started out as a Democracy, but we are now, quite obviously a Plutocracy, that being; a  government of the money, by the money and for the money.  Because money has become the  all important feature of this country AND most of it's citizens, agencies &  even governments will be more than willing to "look the other way" where  illegals are concerned.  Especially if they are increasing profits for big business.
The situation has become so rampant that now, even small  island
communities, like LBI have significantly large populations of  aliens, legal   & otherwise. It should be pretty obvious these aliens are not there on LBI checking out real-estate trends! They ARE there, working at the overpriced restaurants, expensive hotels and other large businesses on that very affluent island.
It seems the average ignorant American chooses to get angry with the foreigners, instead of addressing the  REAL problem.  If our government   is going to look the other way, we should demand our government reform the law so these foreigners (at least the illegals)  aren't such a financial burden on our society (which they really aren't, but it's just those same xenophobic Americans who perceive it that  way!).
Virtually every Mexican I have  met & gotten to know on LBI is the  epitome of a "good citizen". More so than most of the Americans I know!
They are polite, diligent, hard working and honest to a fault. Most are working several jobs and sending both money and products  purchased    in THIS country back to their families in Mexico.
I suggest to these people, if you are irate and want to direct your anger towards the source of the problem, and someone who might actually change something, direct it towards your government. After all, that is where the real problem lies.
The foreigners are really just doing what everyone else in America is
doing right now, just trying to get  by!                  - CC
Did you know that the government and private industry are both
making tons of money by keeping the status quo?    
Everyone knows that corporations make money because of cheap labor. 
That is just the tip of the iceburg.
Go to the website:  Immigrants for Sale
There you will see that private prisons have sprung up all over the USA . Most prisoners are immigrants   or drug users.  The private prisons get $200. per day and seek more prisoners for more profits (at taxpayers expense).  
Here in SW Florida, the Arizona law is alive and well....under cover of darkness ... where only the police and the courts know what is happening.  Lots of fines and fees being paid by "illegal" immigrants to  the government.
Guess where all the payroll deductions for social security, unemployment and other taxes goes when paid by the illegal worker.  Straight into the government coffers with no need to pay the money back to these workers.  They are illegal and can not claim benefits.
Recent example never known to the public here: a hard-working family man employed here for many years - undocumented.
Contributing to our society and raising his family here. No criminal record, no violations. Except he could not get a driver's license - undocumented - to drive to his job. Obeying the rules except driving without a license.    Now he will be deported by ICE*.   Leaving his wife and three young children without a job and without a father or support. (Children born in the USA.)
* ICE - the new name for the Immigration service. 
Appropriate: Hearts cold as ice.
Do you have a dream?  Or are you just lucky, like me, to live in a country that we think we can "fix up".   
Until you know more about a country, like Mexico and its politics,
you might not want to criticize people who come here seeking their dream. 
(After all, I bet your ancestors did  the same.  Most of us are immigrants and most were "illegal" when they came here.) 


ANYONE who drives in American must be given a driver's license and have proof of insurance.  That protects us all.  Immigration status be damned!
If a person is gainfully employed and producing for our country and paying his or her bills, they are supporting the economy of this country and must be allowed to be here and have the right to become citizens. There are no arguments against this, unless you are a racist or ignorant - which is both.
So I created a petition which says:

    "Be it resolved that every person who is gainfully employed or enrolled in school for a minimum of 25 hours per week, shall be eligible to apply for a state driver's license and/or a photo ID in the USA, if desired. 
    All gainfully employed persons who are not citizens,   will be provided a work permit for as long as they are employed. Their spouse and children, if any, will also receive legal status. 
    After a period of not less than two years of employment, a person may apply for citizenship according to the rules currently enforced by the ICE.""

Will you sign my petition? Click here to add your name:

Require all employers to advertise in the employment section of major local newspapers all positions now occupied by undocumented worker for a minimum of 30 days.  All applicants reviewed and interviewed, and if qualified, given the positions. If not enough applicants from documented workers, then undocumented workers can be given these positions and/or retain these positions.  The undocumented worker will be guaranteed work visa status; the employer will complete paperwork to the INS which will give work visas to these workers in a timely fashion for as long as they remain employed by this or another employer.  Change of employment must be reported to the ICE.  (This provision will protect American citizens, employers and illegal immigrants equally and fairly.)  Penalties for non-compliance should be strict and efficient.

PS:  Spain already has a similar policy in place. Check out their exact 

specs and the pros & cons,  then, implement or modify this proposal as appropriate and fair to all. 

PPS:  The United Farm Workers Union has tried recruiting "documented" workers and was unsuccessful.  Best to go directly to a Permanent Immigration Policy:



Any one who wishes legal residency in the USA may apply with the ICE.

1)  Those who wish to be here without working - retirees - will receive an automatic grant to stay as long as they like without restrictions, upon submitting proof of their ability to be self-supporting.

They will no longer be restricted to a maximum of 6 months as is the current law.

2) Those who wish legal residency in order to be employed here, may receive a 90 day temporary work permit.  Once employment is found   they will receive legal residency as long as they are gainfully employed.  Substantiation provided by an employer within that 90 day period.     Note: The employee's family of working age - spouse and/or children - may also be eligible for jobs.

3) Those who wish to start a small businees in the USA are also eligible.  Proof of self-employment must be provided.  No longer a requirement for a minimum dollar investment or a minimum number of employees in the business, only evidnce that income is sufficiently generated to sustain the person's household.

All persons will make an application to the ICE and the ICE  will make    sure they are fingerprinted with DNA samples and have no prior criminal record.


What can you say to the truth about you, immigrant haters?

Mitt Romney on Immigration:
He hired undocumented workers but he said,
"I'm running for office, for Pete's sake!"
Did you know his recommendation on Immigration Is based on    a satire by an Hispanic man when the anti-immigration Proposition 187 was defeated in California?  
That solution was "Self-Deportation Centers" where "Mexicans" could first train legal citizens to do their jobs in agriculture, restaurants, etc. before leaving on their own volition.  
Be sure to see the film: "One Day Without A Mexican"!