Let's say you don't give "welfare" to a person in need.   What will some of them do?  They need food at minimum, feeding their children for sure. How will they get it?  Hmmm? Perhaps they will break into YOUR home and steal it?  Poverty is the major cause of crime.  Thank the government for providing  a "safety net" for YOU!  Welfare benefits you more than the poor.   Rich people figured that out long ago.



Pass an accelerated and expanded Jobs Act which provides training and decently paid jobs to no less than 6 million unemployed.

(See below for various "Job Creation Ideas" that could be immediately implemented. Also, just read a bit of history about how FDR created jobs.)

Since there are many jobs unfulfilled because there are no people with the training to fill them, the government must pass legislatiton that will provide training for workers, including subsidies for busineesses if and when they are involved in the training.




    Everyone (I think) understands that JOBS are the main issue with our economy.  
    Do any of our friends who voted Republican in the last election still not understand that the ideology of small government, cutting taxes, cutting spending is NOT the way to get job growth? 
    The government has to spend NOW to create jobs that will benefit everyone and reduce the deficit in the long run.
    Spending to create jobs (high speed rails, rebuilding infrastructure, alternative energy, education, etc.) can not be done by private corporations.  
    Only tax money can do it. 
Need proof?  Check out what our government did for General Motors. Saved the company which kept its workers and turned a profit.
    Every single penny that the White House can access without Congressial support MUST be put into creating jobs.
    The President's "bully pulpit" should propose a plan to provide multi-millions  of jobs and demonstrate that the Republicans are opposing   job creation to get us out of the gloom and doom economy.  Pres. Obama needs to stomp all over  the country and get as much press as Sarah Palin to show who is creating the Jobs problem.  (If he does not, Romney out for that guy!) 
    PS:  The dirty little Washington secret:  Can't reduce the deficit by cutting the military budget because re-election depends on it.   Even the "liberal" MSM dares not talk about a significant reduction in  military expenses.
    FOX News and friends, of course, believe only   in smaller government and bigger military. 
(Yeah, let's become a "third world" country.)
    PPS:  Why do you think Americans never hear about how Scandinavian countries operate?    Never compare America with success, please.
"Invest in infrastructure and education to put      our people back to work.  And stop wasting our resources on war and weapons that no one needs..."
                    DEFICIT SPENDING?
    " ....  the deficit is no problem at all, but simply  a consequence of the Crash of 2008, and that most of it will go away when we fully recover, which we   do not have a large or effective enough deficit to  do (yes, I'm assuming that deficits if comprised     of effective spending do cause recoveries).

    "...  if you began polling on the deficit by asking whether people thought it was a serious problem, compared to others that will require deficit spending to solve, you'd probably find that only a minority felt that cutting the deficit was more important than solving the problems that will require continuing or expanding the deficit."           - Joe Firestone



Ideas from D. A. (Facebook friend) with which        I agree:

  • Pass Obama’s budget request for the Surface Transportation Act, increasing employment by an average of 117,000 jobs annually over the next three years, or 350,000 jobs total, with larger job gains in later years.
  • Restore the increased federal Medicaid matching rate, easing state-level budget cuts and tax increases, to create or save 500,000 jobs or more in one year.    (This is in lieu of passing
  •                       Medicare for All, of course! - RF)

  • Enact a direct job creation program to put up to 2.5 million people to work over the next two years repairing schools, rebuilding communities, improving national parks, and rehiring police officers, firefighters, and teachers.
  • Invest $200 billion in renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements.
  • Enact a job creation tax credit for firms that add employees, increase hours, or raise wages for rank-and-file workers.
  • Implement a federally subsidized work-sharing program.
  • Elicit further monetary support from the Federal Reserve, which could resume large-scale asset purchases and announce a higher inflation target.
  • End currency manipulation by countries that trade with us.
  • Finally, and most importantly, encourage(REQUIRE! - RF) widespread mortgage refinancing to reduce mortgage payments and keep people in their homes.

    Now we know: The jobs situation is bleak, and it will continue to be bleak until we face up to the fact that we need more stimulus spending - lots more - and

    we have to relieve millions of homeowners from their indentured servitude to Wall Street so that they can help restore the economy too. 

    In other words: spend, spend, spend -

    and provide principal reduction for underwater homeowners!

                                      - Richard Escrow


        The minimum wage must be no less than $10./hour (May, 2011) and indexed permanently   to inflation (COL Index).

    Here is a much needed job creation suggestion from a conservative friend:

    Congress needs  to appropriate funds

    for public Aam/or private        construction of parking garages in hundreds of US cities?

    Talk about a great investment!   Creating thousands and thousands
    of needed jobs and creating long term income from parking fees.  The best of both worlds of conservatives and liberals!
    How long will it take for people to understand: Government spending to create jobs - which results in those employed people spending the money they earn -
    is the way to improve the economy?
    Increase spending
    in the short run to reduce deficits in the long run.
    Of course, we also need to return to the progressive income tax of the 1950s - SEE TAXES.