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Congress must pass legislation to make sure no  one corporation owns all the media outlets in any one community, elminating merger operations    and downsizing existing corporate ownership, if necessary.


Here is a review of an important documentary about the mass media in the USA today:



This documentary begins with the Iraq war via  our mass media. We saw what the mass media was doing to support the war.  They supported the Bush administration's decision to invade Iraq.   We did not see the casualties of war, both domestic and foreign.

“War is hell, war is death”.  We never see that in the media. We see only the proclamations of self aggrandizing men who prevent us from being in touch with human reality.

You cannot consider the lives of other people

as important as your own?  The overwhelming number of people who die in war are the innocent.  Do others have the same right to life

as we do?    A protest sign read:             “Children will die, so you can drive your SUV.” 
The media ignored the protests against the war.  More than half of the American people were opposed to the war, even though of the 393 interviews regarding the war on television only    3 were anti-war.  War is profitable, but not for  the soldiers and the public.  

The media should be a “watchdog” but instead  has become a “lapdog”. The media, for the most part, simply presents what it is told.
Who owns the media?   Five corporations own 80% of the media. They are driven by their pursuit for profit and by their own personal ideologies.  “A march to war  is a march toward higher stock market prices”. The media functions as a “weapon of mass distraction”.   The media is the most powerful influence over our lives -  projected on us to through a corporate lens.  The mega-media is not informing us and democracy can not exist without information.
Embedded Reporting.  Journalists accompany the troops. “Embedded” means “in bed with”.  Reporting only what the military wants reported.  “A dramatic attack  on the freedom of the press”. Un-embedded reporters are often killed. More were killed in a short time than in all of the Vietnam War.
(A real example is shown in the film.)
Reality of War.   We get no “human” picture of  the results of war.  It simply becomes “all about us”. There were a hundred thousand Iraqi casualties of which half were children.  Rarely     or never shown in the USA.

           “Civilian casualties are an afterthought”.  We are not seeing the reality. If we did, we would all be opposed to war. The role of the media should be to show people suffering as a result of war.  Doesn't happen here in the USA any more.  Wonder why?   Opposition to the Vietnam War only happened when people saw what was going on there.  Today  the media is even more tightly controlled by the military-industrial complex. 
We are  not allowed to see the truth. 
When will we wake up to what war really means to all of us at home and abroad? 

Today, journalists not reporting the government line will lose their jobs. We have created the terrorism we fear.

The media should be a “check and balance”  but they are not serving a democratic society. 

An independent media is needed. One that is not controlled by the military-industrial complex.     An independent media, however, is not easily assessable to the public.   (In the 60s we had the Underground Press Syndicate.  Today, hopefully, the internet will help to create more awareness. Only time will tell.)
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