Reading about Anita Moorjani has stimulated some of my old theology, which includes reflection on the NDE:
Last year I read Deepak Chopra's book,

LIFE AFTER DEATH, and at the same time David Mills' book, THE ATHEIST UNIVERSE.
Also, viewed several videos and documentaries speculating that the Universe is Consciousness, 

not matter, and we are individualist manifestations of it.
Back in the day, I evolved a viewpoint which

I called "Trans-theist" which came from my philosophy of "Trans-synthesis".
I wrote quite a bit about it at the time

(the mid-1970s).
That viewpoint was (to oversimplify) that when

we reach a conclusion (a synthesis of pros and cons, etc.) we begin anew  - It is unending. 

Kinda like "the more we know the more we don't know" expanded - always learning, always being taught.        

Thus, we transcend the synthesis because we must get there again.
The issue of theism versus atheism is part of that. Being one or the other in an absolute sense is not possible.  For example, the God of most religious scriptures is not possible, but the God of the universe...what is that?
To transcend all that, we must keep an open mind knowing that just BEING is what we are and all we need for the
"here and now."    I could go on, as the subjects of religion and politics are two of my addictions.
Well, at one point in my life I decided the discussion of God was pointless and I evolved a philosophy which I called
"trans-synthesis" resulting in "trans-theist" when discussing the concept of God or no God. Reach whatever synthesis I might (agnostic?) and my synthesis is only temporary (as I and the world around me is constantly changing).
Now, I'm exploring the concept of consciousness - that the nature of the universe is consciousness. What does that mean?
(Yes, it is quite a stretch to say that consciousness is "God".)
Human self-consciousness (our evolved brains?) creates this discussion. Regardless, we are not capable of really knowing
any ultimate truth (if there is such a thing). Better, if we could just let it be.  Some of us, however, love the discussion.

BUT, let's not take any of it too seriously.
If we have individually evolved enough to consider there is no God, then we should have also evolved enough to know what we do here on Earth is to make it a better place for everyone (and consequently ourselves) in the here and now and doing as much as we individually can. We really should be satisfied enough just knowing:
       "we are here because we are here because  we are here."
And remembering the profound meaning of the song we sang as children:
         "Row row row your boat,  gently, down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream."