Oh how people forget.   There used to be  "import taxes"  to protect the American worker.  The worker needs to be foremost in any discussion. 
Any items produced outside the USA must require that the worker's there are paid above the poverty level (no child labor). The USA must require it as a condition for importing those products.  
In the USA, workers must be paid a wage above the poverty level
as well. The minimum wage must be tied to the Cost of Living Index and changed as it changes.



Pass a federal law that allows workers the right to organize in any way they see fit (cooperatives, unions et al) in any firm employing more than 15 people. Applicable to all states that receive any form of federal aid - that's all states?

Pass a law that requires all employers to give employees a minimum of two weeks notice and/or severance pay, unless the employer can prove illegal behavior on the part of the employee.

What is the finest attribute of Capitalism?          Summed up in one word:  INCENTIVES!  

Through incentives, you are given a way to

improve life for yourself and your family.

Like the military, most corporations are not run democratically.  Management makes the decisions and the workers follow orders. 

There are usually incentives for management to make a profit. Workers usually only get "incentives" by joining a union, fighting for better pay and benefits. 

Without unions and/or government oversight, workers are at the mercy of their bossess.        True capitalism in a democracy would require workers to have rights, called INCENTIVES.          In other words, when work performed produces greater profits, the workers share in the profits. True democratic capitalism would also have workers paticipate in some way in important decision making, now only possible through unionization.   Another way would be for the corporation to be structured democratically.  There is more than one structure that could be created depending on the type of business.  All business operations are not the same.


Walmart made over 14 billion profit in 2011. The heirs are some of the richest people in the world. (You do know what happened to the estate tax, right?) I understand that the average Walmart worker's wage is about $8.00 per hour there.

A full time worker is still below the poverty line at that pay rate and is eligible for food stamps. Who pays for food stamps? Not Walmart - your tax dollars, which in effect is supporting Walmart!

If Walmart paid an average of $10.00 per hour, their profit would have been reduced from 14  billion to 7 billion in 2011.

PS: Please do not argue with me if my numbers are not totally accurate. The result would not change, if I am off a bit.


When a bank like Wells Fargo can lay off 30,000 workers by giving them a one day notice (even workers that have been with them for 20 or 30 years) that is all the proof we need that unions   are essential.
Civilized countries have laws to prohibit such practices.   But America, the beautiful?
There are lots of simple solutions to most problems.
The minimum wage has one: 
The minimum wage needs to change as the CPI (cost of living) Index changes.
No one should be paid a 40 hour week wage that
is under the poverty level.__
The public doesn't like government employees. The public has been indoctrinated to believe that "bureaucrats" are just fat, lazy, well-paid people who take advantage of the rest of us.  So...when there is a big crises over taking away public employees union rights, that public can't connect the dots.  Taking away the rights of one union can result in taking away the rights of all unions. (After all, you can not take away the rights of one without taking away all union rights.  That's discriminatory and illegal.)
Question?  Why don't we tell it like it is:  Collective bargaining is for all unions,  not just public employees.  Factory workers and others - all deserve the right to negotiate with their employers.  Otherwise, what do you have?   Oh. yes, the   "free market", where the workers can be hired, paid, and fired at whatever whim  the corporate overlords decide.  


    We need to pressure out government into not allow imports from any country where a company does not pay a living wage to their workers.   We now live in a global economy. so we are now responsible that every worker receives a decent wage (above the poverty level) for their effort.

    A more easy option is to reinstitute Import Taxes on every item that  comes into the country that was made either by or for an American or multi-national corporation.


PS:  Have you heard about US Steel and Mondragon?  A manufacturering Woorker-Owned Cooperative operating with much success in Spain.