This documentary has been updated. I just saw the 2007 version.  

 A revelation in three parts. 

Part 1 is about religion;  Part 2 is about 9/11;  and  Part 3 is about the monetary system.  Not political but definitely controversial, even though it only presents what seem to be indisputable facts. These are facts, however, that few people are willing to hear.  (Perhaps “facts” can be interpreted in different ways?)    Zeitgeist definitely has a point of view.   Let me try to do a little summary.  After all, I took six pages of notes and could've taken dozens. 
Part one is “the greatest story ever told”.  Religions throughout history have been created in order to control people.  The film takes us back  to pre-Christian times to understand that a God always had similar attributes that can be related to the equinox and the zodiac. 

(A documentary on how the Christian religion evolved is called

The God who wasn't there”.  Although mainly about Jesus,it could apply to any religion.)  Religious myths are created to control people  and to pit one group against another. 
Part two is “all the world's a stage”.  This is about the 9/11 “myth”.   We have learned that our government had 52 warnings from 12 different countries of such an attack prior to 9/11.  Did you know that  7 of the 19 hijackers are still alive?   There is also no proof that bin Laden had anything to do with 9/11. Was 9/11 a hoax?  All the evidence of the strike on the Pentagon has been kept secret and will not be released.  The plane that crashed in Pennsylvania could not be found – only craters.  How did Towers 1, 2 and 7 collapse the way they did?  The pancake theory of the collapse could not possibly be caused by an airplane hitting a tower. Building 7 came down the same day via “controlled demolition”. That’s the only way a “pancake collapse” can occur.   Explosions happened in the basements of Towers 1 & 2 prior  to the planes hitting the buildings, and on and on…. 
PLEASE NOTE: This conspiracy theory may NOT be true.   Nevertheless, the message is clear:
What controls people best?   FEAR.  Most Americans no longer believe in religions that preach “hell fire and brimstone” and have no fear of burning in an eternal hell. Another method of control had to be created.  We had one with “Godless Communism”  for awhile, but that went away.  Replace it with what?  “Terrorism!”  
What better way to create Fear than a surprise attack on American soil.  (Remember Pearl Harbor?)
Part three is “don’t meet the man behind the curtain”.  Even the 20th president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, told us that there was an “invisible government” without responsibility to the people.  FDR said that since the days of Andrew Jackson, the “financial elements” in the country have control of the government.  The Central Banks were created and are now worldwide. Bankers created the “Panic of 1907” in order to establish the Federal Reserve System.  They said the Federal Reserve would be a “financial stabilizer” but in 1920 another panic occurred for the purpose of consolidating the bankers’ monopoly.  Then came 1929. Wall St collapsed. (Ron Paul has a book called “End the Fed’ that provides lots more facts.  Problem with Paul is that he is also an ideologue. As a result, he is 80% correct and 20% crazy.)   Then, there was another war.  War is a banker’s dream.  After all, the government borrows money and pays interest on it.  Zeitgeist tells how Americans got into World War I, World War II, and Vietnam - all lies.  All for the benefit of the “invisible government”.  Visible, I say, if you just “follow the money”.  (Read the book, “War Is A Lie”.) 
Zeitgeist is perhaps a bit depressing but, hopefully, we can learn to cope better in our lives if we know the truth.  (Not sure the truth can make us “free”… Illusion might do a better job at that.  Americans truly believe they live in the “land of the free”.  

 I, for one, will keep the hope that eventually,
“when the power of love, overcomes the love of power,the world will know peace.”  -  Sri Chinmoy Ghoe
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Introduction:   The crisis is “a crisis in consciousness”. We cannot give up the old norms or the old patterns or the ancient traditions.
Part 1:  The monetary system is “the most unquestioned form of faith there is”.  One of the most socially paralyzing structures humanity has ever endured.  Part one explains in detail how money is created and expanded using the system we have today.  The Federal Reserve and the Central Banks result in the masses of people becoming economic slaves to their masters, the bankers.  Don't believe it?  Watch part one and tell me why it is not true. 
Part 2:  Two ways to conquer and enslave a nation.  One is by the sword and the other is by debt.  This is the story revealed by economic “hit men “who show how countries are enslaved by putting them in such debt that they cannot repay it.  Not cooperating with the USA?  That's when the covert activities of the hit men are needed. 

If the hit men don't work, bring in the “jackals” (assassins).  If all else fails, bring in the military.  This is exactly what happened in Iraq with Saddam Hussein.  Empires are created by military power.  Most Americans don't understand that we have been  doing empire building for a long time. 
Part 3:  Competition is not the result of an immutable human temperament.  What can we do about our current “slavery”?  The most basic human motivation is  self preservation. In any monetary system there is difficulty in trusting people.  There are three aspects to a monetary system: money, labor and competition. Profit becomes  the goal and the guiding mentality.  Democracy is not profitable in any monetary-based society.  Money, politics, religion are false institutions. 
Part 4: “My country is the world and my religion is to do good.” - Thomas Paine, 1737- 1809
Technology and a resource based economy is the answer to our problems. The “Venus Project” is the Zeitgeist creators answer:  modern technological research and intelligent management of natural resources.  We have the ability to do it.  Scientists need only to focus on how to create a resource-based economic system using the technological skills already possible. Now is the time to create a new social system. 
PS:   Zeitgeist points to where we should be, but does not seem to adequately show how we can get there.  Perhaps their next DVD will shed more light?  

Disc 3:  Peter Joseph is 94 years old now and he has learned that one thing is necessary.    

                                             “This shit has got to go”. 
Part 1:    Human Nature.   A very accurate and detailed scientific explanation of the genetic (nature) and the environmental (nurture) influences that result in how we as humans behave.    (Note: Human touch is a fundamental need.   The lack of touch is especially dangerous in infancy.)  Violence is not universal. Amish and Kibbutzim groups, for example, are totally nonviolent.  Our societies shape us.  America is one of the most violent, individualistic and unrestricted societies in the world.   The myth in the USA is that competitiveness as well as individualism and selfishness are in our nature. The reality is, in fact, quite the opposite. Being compassionate, cooperative, and empathetic for others is much more natural.  Basic human needs are the only real basis for human nature. 
Part 2:    Social Pathology.  John Locke promoted property rights.  Adam Smith  favored  “the invisible hand of the market”  - based on supply and demand.  That theory became the basis for “Free-market” capitalism. This evolved, however, into investments  that pursued money as an end. Money became a commodity. When money does not produce anything but money, the society is in decline because the quality of people's lives declines.  The truth of the matter is problems must be created in order to create profits.  Everything is based on consumption.   How does a system that demands more and more consumption,  rather than efficiency
and preserving and reducing waste,  survive?   Today, every life   system is in danger.  What we have is an anti-economic system.  There is no economizing.  Instead we have intrinsic or planned obsolescence.  The bottom line is that society becomes based on “equality versus inequality”.  (The evidence shows that the more equal people are, the less poverty and crime there is.)  Today, the “market system” is a “waste system”   and the “monetary system” is a Ponza scheme. 

 (You probably already know, 1% of the people in the world own 40% of all the wealth in the world.)
Part 3: Planet Earth.  Use Science to create a “maximum sustainability” world. 
Zeitgeist proposes the use of   “systems theory” to create a “global resource management system”.  Discover what we have and where: identify, locate and track use of all resources. Use and regenerate the resources to keep create a “dynamic equilibrium”. This requires, in the process of production,  “strategic preservation”  -  making goods that last and are recycle-able with safety and efficiency. 

A “production management system as well as a “computerized distribution system”.  A localized strategy for “demand/distribution tracking”.  Many things do not require ownership.   Instead, a system can be created to allow use of something and then return it when no longer needed (for example, an automobile). 

Also, did you know that 75% of the global workforce today could be replaced by mechanization? 
Part 4:   Rise     We need to reset to the “life ground”, a place where there are no longer any isms.  What we require is a “life value analysis”.  Today material wealth is the measure of success, a value system disorder.  That system creates artificial wealth and limitless growth.  No longer possible as the population of the world continues to expand.  Today, politics is a business.  Everything is for sale, including votes.    Hydrocarbon energy,  of course, facilitated population growth through oil, in particular.  However, population has expanded to the point where there is not enough oil, and renewable energies have become necessary.  Problem is:  The profit motive is the basis for our society.  If you can't make money from renewable energy or food production or even from water, then tough luck folks.     We don't have enough to go around.   Problem solved by poverty and wars.
REVIEW:     Zeitgeist has a clear view and understanding about the world we live in.  They may even have a solution.   How do we get there from here ?  Does not seem possible.  Well, my view is that we need to do what has always been done in human evolution.   Take baby steps.   Frustrating, I know, but, baby steps in the right direction are better than no steps at all.  For some baby steps, I humbly suggest you add my new blog to your favorites:  THEMODERNUTOPIAN.COM   

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